Outdoor Fitness Sessions

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Our diverse range of fitness sessions offers inspiration to individuals at every level.

Large Group Personal Training

At Coopers Troopers Fitness, our large group PT sessions are designed for results that last. Lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour, these sessions are finely tuned to supercharge your calorie burn, keeping it revved up for up to an incredible 72 hours post-workout. We’re all about more than just the sweat; it’s a holistic wellness experience. Through these targeted sessions, we believe in the power of small, informed choices, paving the way for significant, enduring changes in your health and fitness journey. Join us and let’s create a stronger, healthier you that stands the test of time!

Coopers Troopers Fitness - Large Group Training
Coopers Troopers Fitness - Large Group Training

MetaFit – 30 mins

30 minutes of fiery, high-intensity fitness. Each move sparks total body burn, supercharging your metabolism. It’s the ultimate workout for maximum results in minimal time. Join us and redefine your fitness journey with this adrenaline-pumping experience!

Coopers Troopers Fitness - Large Group Training

MetaPWR – 30 mins

A 30-minute blast of explosive strength training suitable for everyone. This power-packed session challenges limits and boosts strength, regardless of your fitness level. Join us to unleash your inner powerhouse, no matter where you’re starting from!

Transform Your Fitness Journey Today!

Coopers Troopers Fitness - Large Group Training


More than a run, it’s a community-powered journey! From beginners to pros, everyone’s welcome. Join us for expert-led runs, make friends, and conquer goals together. Lace up, join the troopers, and let’s turn every run into an epic adventure!

Coopers Troopers Fitness - Large Group Training


Tranquility meets transformation in our classes. It’s a balance of serene movements and inner strength. All levels welcome – join us on the mat to discover peace and well-being within yourself!

Coopers Troopers Fitness - Large Group Training

HYROX – 60 mins

Where fitness meets the ultimate challenge! This adrenaline-fueled event combines running and functional workouts, pushing your limits in every station. It’s an exhilarating test of strength, stamina, and determination. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or new to challenges, Hyrox welcomes all. Join us for this heart-pumping experience and redefine your fitness game with an epic challenge that’ll leave you feeling unstoppable!

Coopers Troopers Fitness - Large Group Training

Features of HYROX

Hyrox boasts the ultimate fitness fusion! It’s a thrilling mix of running and functional workouts, blending endurance and strength challenges across multiple stations. With teamwork at its core, Hyrox is a test of both individual prowess and collaborative spirit. From the high-intensity exercises to the camaraderie, every moment sparks a rush of determination. Join us for exhilarating sessions where you’ll push boundaries, conquer obstacles, and emerge stronger than ever before!

Coopers Troopers Fitness - Large Group Training

Transform Your Fitness Journey Today!

Mobility – 30 mins

Experience our 30 minute mobility sessions – flexibility, strength, and balance combined. Perfect for everyone, these sessions boost body control and prevent injuries. Join us and unlock your body’s potential in no time!

Coopers Troopers Fitness - Large Group Training
Coopers Troopers Fitness - Large Group Training

Core – 30 mins

Join our dynamic 30-minute core sessions! Perfect for all levels, these sessions focus on toning and strengthening your core muscles. Despite being low intensity, they’re a powerful addition to your fitness routine. Come and experience the benefits in just 30 minutes – feel stronger and more empowered with every session!

Coopers Troopers Fitness - Large Group Training

MetaCub – 30 mins

MetaCub is your ultimate fitness companion for families, schools, and fitness camps. Enjoy engaging workouts with your kids, organize dynamic half-term fitness camps, or spice up school PE lessons with MetaCub. Our platform offers a variety of fun and effective workouts, fostering family bonds while promoting an active, healthy lifestyle. Elevate your family’s fitness journey and transform school PE into an interactive experience with MetaCub. Make the choice for a happier, healthier lifestyle today.


Accessible exercise for all fitness levels

At Coopers Troopers Fitness our sessions are divided into three abilities so the coach can keep everyone safe and ensure our members aren’t pushed beyond their limits. We’d recommend completing your first session in blue so you can get a feel for what Coopers Troopers is all about.

Coopers Troopers Fitness - Large Group Training


Ideal for those new to Coopers Troopers or new to fitness in general

Coopers Troopers Fitness - Large Group Training


For those who exercise semi-regularly

Coopers Troopers Fitness - Large Group Training


For those who exercise regularly and want to be pushed to their limits


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to wear?

We would recommend comfortable sportswear with well-fitted comfortable outdoor trainers. Depending on weather conditions, also ensure you bring warm kit for after the session. Some exercises will require you to get on the floor so be prepared to get a little wet and dirty – its all part of the fun!

What is a typical training session like?

There is no typical session. Coopers Troopers Fitness sessions are varied to stop your mind and body from getting bored. We work the whole body with a view to improve strength and conditioning to help aid people in completing everyday tasks. We ensure that this is delivered through fun and interesting ways to keep members engaged and coming back. Each session will have three ability groups, Blue (beginner), Red (intermediate), and Green (advanced). The session will be up to 60 minutes long with a warm-up, main session and cool down. We provide the water so there is no need for you to bring any.

Is there a minimum age requirement?

Yes. You need to be 18 years of age or over to take part in Coopers Troopers Fitness session. For kids check out MetaCub where ages vary from 5 – 13.

Do I need to check with a doctor before taking part in a session?

You will need to complete a health questionnaire when you sign up. If you have any injury or medical condition then please seek medical attention first and let the coach know prior to starting the session. If pregnant, you may still be able to exercise however please check with your doctor first.

Do I need to be super fit?

No need to be at peak fitness; what matters is your dedication to self-improvement. At Coopers Troopers Fitness, we’re here to support and inspire you on your fitness journey. Our program is designed for everyone, regardless of skill level. We organize our classes into three ability groups: Blue, Red, and Green, to accommodate everyone. Our diverse community includes people from various backgrounds, genders, and ages, ranging from 18 to 75. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance your fitness, Coopers Troopers Fitness welcomes all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. Join us and be a part of a fitness experience that’s made for everyone and anyone.

Will I be shouted at?

You will never be shouted at directly, however, our coaches do call out instructions and encouragement to keep individuals motivated and make sure everyone understands what they are doing. Coaches are friendly and love to have a laugh but their main goal is to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Where do I store my valuables?

We would advise you to avoid bringing valuables to the sessions but if you have no alternative, you may use the coaches daysack or vehicle to store your valuables/change of clothing.

Do sessions get cancelled because of the weather?

Coopers Troopers Fitness sessions run in all weather conditions so long as it is deemed safe to do so. Depending on the weather, the coach will adapt their training style to the elements around them. Should it be necessary to cancel any sessions, we will inform our members at the earliest opportunity via the app and Facebook.

Can I suspend my membership?

Unfortunately we do not suspend memberships as we are not just about exercise, we are world class coaches that deliver coaching in achieving your goals through lifestyle behaviour change.

I’m pregnant, can I still train?

Health and fitness guidelines state that you can exercise whilst you are pregnant as long as: – You were exercising regularly prior to becoming pregnant – The doctor/midwife has stated there are no reasons why you cannot exercise – You do not exercise to exhaustion or at high intensity – You listen to what your body tells you, do not do anything that causes you pain or discomfort and work to a comfortable intensity.