Why HIIT Workouts are Effective

by | Aug 23, 2023

Did you know that estimates show that 20 percent of the worldwide population does not engage in sufficient physical activity each day? In fact, currently, in the US, the percentage is almost as high as 80. 

The best way to become active is to build a dedicated fitness regimen. You may think that you do not have time because of how demanding your job or family life is, but you have to make time. One of the best ways to do this is incorporating HIIT workouts into your daily life. 

HIIT is a type of workout in which short periods of intense workouts are alternated with short recovery periods. The best thing about HIIT workouts is that within a short time period, you can gain maximum health benefits within a short time.  

So, if you’re leaning towards adopting HIIT as your go-to exercise routine, here are some benefits of HIIT that will help convince you:

Helps Burn Loads of Calories in a Short Amount of Time 

HIIT workouts help burn calories quickly. In one study, researchers compared the calories burned during 30 minutes of biking, running, weight training, and HIIT.  

It was found that HIIT burned 25 to 30 percent more calories than other exercises. In this study, the HIIT workout consisted of 20 seconds of maximum effort, after which participants could rest for 40 seconds. 

Help Increase Your Metabolic Rate  

HIIT helps you burn calories even long after the workout is over. This is proved by a number of studies that show that an individual’s metabolic rate increases a few hours after exercise as well.  

This increase in metabolism after HIIT exercises is more effective than weight training or jogging. When this happens, the body starts to burn fat rather than carbs as fuel for energy. 

Helps You Lose Fat 

According to research, HIIT can help individuals lose fat. One study reviewed 13 experiments and 424 adults who were struggling with obesity. It was found that traditional moderate-intensity and HIIT workouts help reduce waist circumference and overall body fat. 

A number of other studies show that HIIT can help lower body fat regardless of the short time commitment. 

Helps Increase Muscle Mass 

Along with fat loss, HIIT workouts help increase muscle mass in some individuals. Keep in mind that muscle mass will increase in muscles used the most, such as those in the legs and truck.  

Moreover, muscle mass will only increase in those individuals who were not as active when they started HIIT workouts. Active people, on the other hand, may not show increased muscle mass after HIIT workouts. 

Reduces Blood Pressure and Heart Rate 

Numerous researches indicate that HIIT workouts can lower blood pressure and heart rate in individuals struggling with obesity. According to one study, 8 weeks of HIIT workouts on a stationary bike lowered blood pressure in adults as much as traditional, continuous endurance training. 

However, HIIT workouts may not affect blood pressure in those individuals whose BMI falls in the normal range. 

Wrapping Up

 Now that you know how beneficial HIIT workouts are, the good news is that we offer high-intensity workouts in our boot camp sessions. All you have to do is sign up and jump on the bandwagon of better health!