Member of The Month – March

by | Mar 17, 2023

Mikes Experience

I’ve been a part of this fantastic community for years, and the camaraderie, motivation, and challenges of regular sessions have truly enhanced my life.

Since I joined Coopers Troopers Fitness, there’s been a remarkable improvement in my overall fitness and well-being. This change has been significant since my retirement. Now, I have the time and opportunity to participate in a greater variety and number of fitness sessions each week. This has included run clubs. I have a goal to run a Park run once a month to improve my cardio and February has been tough but great. Just last week with CTF Stourbridge we completed a low heart rate run and we covered 4.33 miles! Which is the furthest I have run in 50 years. It’s not just a workout routine; it’s a lifestyle transformation!