Can HIIT Reverse Aging?

by | Aug 22, 2023

Everyone wishes that they could stop the clock on aging. After all, staying young has its fair share of benefits.

What if we told you that there was a way to reverse aging? HIIT, high-intensity interval training, is a form of aerobic activity that involves short and quick bursts of energy combined with lower-intensity workouts.

We don’t promise that HIIT will get rid of your wrinkles, but it will definitely make some changes in your body so that you can enjoy your youth longer.

Can HIIT Reverse Aging?

A 12-week study proved that HIIT is a great workout for all ages, but particularly for older adults. The study aimed to find data to develop targeting exercise regimens and therapies for individuals of different ages. Researchers looked at the effects of resistance training, HIIT, and other workouts that combined cardio and resistance.

It was found that HIIT helps reverse aging by affecting mitochondrial function in the body. These functions are responsible for creating energy-loaded molecules known as ATP. These molecules are then used to carry out different functions in the human body.

When you get older, the mitochondria’s ability starts to decline, causing your body to produce less energy. The study looked at individuals between the ages of 18 to 30 and 65 to 80 who performed HIIT workouts. It was found that the former group’s mitochondrial function increased by 49 percent, while the latter group saw a 69 percent increase.

The higher the mitochondrial capacity, the easier it is for individuals to inhale, transport, and use oxygen to perform any kind of physical activity while allowing the cells to function properly. To put it simply, the health of all the cells, as well as the entire body, depends on how well the mitochondria functions

HIIT also helped increase protein synthesis in the body, allowing new muscles to grow and countering the muscle loss that occurs with age. Moreover, it was found that this workout helped reverse some muscle deterioration.

The study concluded with the finding that aging adults should opt for supervising HIIT training as it helps strengthen bones, muscles, and different areas of the body while reversing the effects of aging.

Final Thoughts

Even though all kinds of exercise are great for the body, HIIT has some extracellular advantages that can help maintain aerobic fitness, insulin sensitivity, and muscle as you grow older. This form of workout creates a strong army of genes in the cells. You may not realize how much HIIT workouts are helping your body prepare for the future, but as you grow older, you will realize that you can do loads of things that individuals your age cannot do.

That being said, any form of activity is better than no activity at all. Hence, you must make some changes to your routine and include any form of workout to move your body and strengthen your bones and muscles.