5 Outdoor Fitness Activities You Should Try

by | Aug 17, 2023

As a child, you would move your body while playing. It wasn’t thought of as exercising, and that was the best part. Running around a park, swinging from monkey bars, and playing soccer with your friends on the road were parts of an active childhood.

However, exercising became more challenging as we grew up, especially since we started to view it as a task. The key to remaining active is to engage in outdoor fitness activities that you thoroughly enjoy and don’t view as a task. Otherwise, things can get monotonous pretty soon.

Research shows that adults should include 150 to 300 minutes of physical activity during the week. This means that all you have to do is start with 30 minutes a day, and you should be okay. Here are some outdoor fitness activities you can try to add some fun into your routine:

1.  Running Games

Even though going for a walk or run around your neighborhood is an easy way to work out, it can get boring really fast, especially if you follow the same route every time.

Instead, try some running games to keep your fitness routine interesting. There are many applications you can download, such as Zombies Run, where zombies will chase you as you get supplies for yourself and your community. Other applications like Pokémon Go and Ingress help you interact with virtual objects, making your workouts even more interesting.

2.  Dancing

As adults, we forget to have fun. Our outdoor fitness activities seem like chores that need to be ticked off a long list of adulting.

Instead of trying out some boring routine, why not dance to your favorite music? Loosen up your hair, draw the curtains so that no nosy passerby can see you, and blast some beats in your lounge. All you need are eight songs to complete 30 minutes of a high-intensity workout!

3.  Boot Camp

A boot camp workout is a high-intensity interval training workout in which intense activity bursts are switched with lighter activity periods.

The best thing about boot camp workouts is that it includes functional fitness like whole-body exercises, including a jump rope, star jumps, pushups, and many others. You will not get bored of a single exercise and can keep alternating between different forms of a workout.

4.  Hiking

If you are someone who does not enjoy traditional exercises, don’t worry- hiking is a wonderful outdoor activity that is perfect for you. It allows you to interact with nature while stretching your legs and exploring your surroundings.

If you want to make your hiking experience more intense, you can carry a heavy backpack. This will allow you to struggle more as you climb inclines, increasing the energy needed to complete the hike.

5.  Rock Climbing

One of the best outdoor fitness activities is rock climbing, where you can challenge your stretch by defying gravity. This sport allows you to scale a rock wall while experiencing a brilliant adrenalin rush.

If you are new to rock climbing, you can get an instructor to show you how to participate in outdoor climbs. Don’t worry; rock climbing is absolutely safe!