Coopers Troopers Fitness - Large Group Training

Unleashing Endurance & Strength: The HYROX Challenge Awaits!

Join hundreds of members and achieve your fitness goals


HYROX is a global fitness challenge that inspires every fitness enthusiast, regardless of their skill level. The competition format is consistent across the globe, starting with a 1km run followed by a functional exercise, which is repeated eight times. HYROX is held in large indoor arenas, creating an electric atmosphere for all participants.

Cooper Troopers Fitness is proud to be a HYROX Partner Gym, dedicated to preparing our members for success in this extraordinary event while fostering a vibrant, supportive community around it. Our certified HYROX trainers and specialised group sessions provide top-tier guidance, structured training programs, and a community of peers to join you on this fitness journey.

Coopers Troopers Fitness - Large Group Training
Coopers Troopers Fitness - Large Group Training

Coopers Troopers Member Benefits Include

Discounted HYROX event tickets

Program design

HYROX Workout of the week

HYROX Ballot tickets for sold out events